Joseph Liberti

Walking In Wonder: featuring Reaching In a collection by Joseph Liberti

opening: June 2nd, 5-9 pm
on display through: June 30th

Introducing “Reaching In” a collection of 28 pieces of art (includes 14 miniatures)  infused into metal and wood prints in multiple sizes.


About the Exhibit:

“Reaching In” is a collection of art work that is a part of “Walking In Wonder” an art exhibition with Tricia Soderberg presented by Surface Gallery 2752 W  Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO in June 2023.

The “Reaching In” Collection is about exploring the nature of the moment using a closer look into the essence of flowers, plants trees and landscapes of Colorado. 

In this series I have draped elements of each composition, from mountains to meadows, in a lacy texture that requires a closer look at the subject and invites the viewer  to “reach in” -  To look with wonder and compassion at timeless beauty and grace in nature and in themselves. 

The scenes and colors of this art include the flamboyant hues of autumn as well as the fading colors of the end of a season and of a time of life.  Here I express with my art my own reflection on the changing times of my own life. 

I created this collection of digital collage art  using a computer and digital drawing tablet, I employ a range of techniques to express the music of everyday life experiences, especially those in nature. I combine layers of colors, shapes and light to create a sense of depth and luminosity. When complete the art is infused into metal or wood and presented in both limited edition and open edition pieces.

“Reaching In”" aims to challenge viewers to look beyond the realm and the constraints of the tangible world and to invite them to “connect” and find their peace in the realm of intuition. Through this series, I hope to invoke wonder, curiosity, and introspection and inspire a sense of  hope and endless possibility.

-Joseph Liberti

About the Artist

Meet Joseph Liberti – an artist, former jazz musician, and passionate nature lover. His art is inspired by his experiences hiking and cycling through the stunning landscapes of Colorado, captured through his photographs. Using a computer and drawing tablet, Joseph creates his unique stories with layers of shapes, textures, colors, and light, infused into metal with different textures.

Joseph's art reflects his emotional connection with nature, with a color palette inspired by the earthy tones of Colorado's grasses, rocks, and gullies. His collages feature organic shapes, textures, and overlays, adding emotion and focus to his art.

Although Joseph didn't plan to become a visual artist, his creativity was ignited after the loss of his beloved canine hiking partner. His creative process is musical, guided by the melody and rhythms of life experiences that come alive in his art.

Joseph has exhibited his work at Kreuser Gallery in Colorado Springs and numerous group shows in the area. His art won  Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in juried competitions in 2022 and 2023. In November 2023, he was named Artist of the Month at Camelback Gallery, and his award-winning art will be featured in an exhibition at Surface Gallery in June 2023.

Currently, Joseph is expanding his artistic horizons, developing his skills as a digital intuitive abstract painter. His next project, a mixed media exhibition titled "Visual Jazz: The Beauty and Chaos of Creation," will be showcased in October 2023.

Through his art, Joseph aims to inspire viewers with the beauty and wonder of nature and connect them with the possibilities of the sublime.