Exhibit Schedule

Exhibits | 2023
January :  Per Annum: a holiday group show
February:  Bri McGrew of Universe Conspires 
West Wall: Caroline Clark 
In The Sluice: Hannah Taylor installation
March:  Deb Komitor
West Wall: Emily Sullivan 
April:  Carol Dickerson and Clay Enoch
West Wall: Tara Kelley-Cruz 
May:  Laurel Justice 
West Wall: Marisa White
June: Joseph Liberti and Tricia Soderberg
July:  Rachel Espenlaub
West Wall: Claire Swinford
August:  Betony Coons
West Wall: Jes Moran
In The Sluice: Connections: featuring Quilters with Altitude in The Sluice
September: de-code: Dan Romano and Foster Romano
October:  The Space Between
November:  Brett Andrus
West Wall: Riley Bratz
December:  Per Annum 2023