Lindsay Goss
opens March 1st, 5-9 pm
artist talk March 19th. 5:30 pm
on exhibit through March 29th


About the Exhibit:

Much of my work, including this collection, has been created with the canvas flat, usually on the studio floor. I trust the movement of my body and intuition in the development of my work. After each layer dries, I am at times surprised by the final presentation--an experimentation at play. 

I wanted to shift the process of my techniques when I painted “I Felt Your Kindness, Study II.” I wanted to see a lightness and embrace my curiosity. Pouring color and creating shape on this canvas without the use of my previous work in thick medium texture, gave me the opportunity to develop layers with a more fluid formation and surface space. The inspiration for this piece came from my watercolor palette, a small abstraction that formed from years of use and a lack of washing, on its own time. 

From this small observation, I painted a replica in watercolor, “I Felt Your Kindness, Study I.” Even though it was a mundane place to find it, I found it to be encouraging and supportive of the work I wish to continue creating. This Fall, I wrote down the phrase, “We can’t predict how we will be inspired, nor the outcome of the work from the inspiration.” This has served as a reminder me to “let go” and create from a place of abandon. It serves me in this experimentation of abstract expressionism. I released of the idea of recreating a matching replica on this second study piece, allowing freedom and intuition to lead the process.  

I titled this show cadmium as you’ll see it’s consistency among these abstractions. 

About the artist:

Lindsay Goss’s practice of watercolor and acrylic mixed media underlines emotion and vulnerability. She often paints in layers, with texture, presenting a story. Her work conveys a curiosity, emphasizing the parallels of human connection. Touching on abstract expressionism, her inspiration is drawn from artists like Helen Frankenthaler.

Lindsay grew up in the Ozarks and moved to Colorado Springs in 2016. She graduated from UCCS with her bachelor’s degree in communication in 2021. This Fall, she returned to pursue her master’s degree in the same discipline, with a focus on how the arts and communication go hand in hand.