Collection: Becca Day

Becca creates nonobjective abstraction that allows room for the viewers’ own interpretation. The subject of her work is simply the way the paint is applied to the canvas. Each painting is its own experiment. Sometimes a “meaning” of a painting will strike her after the painting is made. You are invited to find your own meaning or
observe the work without deriving meaning—the enjoyment beyond language can itself be the meaning. The act of painting for Becca, is an expression of personal freedom and resistance against perfectionism, while at the same time, a practice of refining skill and mastery. She is interested in how intuition plays a role in art making, and paints with the intent of creating work that captures the interplay of chaos and order, which is an echo of her own experience of the world.
Becca grew up in Colorado Springs and has always enjoyed art. She has primarily focused on abstract painting for the past five years. She is largely self-taught in addition to training in art theory, oil painting and drawing in the atelier studio of Brett Andrus. She paints with acrylic on canvas and board, with occasional oil paint and
mixed media.
Becca Day