Your Family Is So Big: New Work by Diane Reeves

Your Family is So Big by Diane Reeves

opening: 5-9pm September 2nd, 2022 

on display during gallery hours September 2nd to 30th

About the Exhibit:

Over the past couple of years, a new status quo has settled across our social spirit: isolation, disruption, enclosure, and exclusion. Observers suggest this contemporary situation has in many ways uncovered a pre-existing bent toward dis-integration, implying a preference for alienation and distance. Against this interpretation, this show explores the ways in which our social relations are embedded in our beings, proposing a solution to our remoteness: an embrace of all things everywhere as kindred siblings. Your family is, indeed, so big.


About the Artist:

Diane Reeves paints to make sense of things, to process thoughts, and to have a conversation with the world. She has been painting for a number of years, exploring her surroundings, finding her connections as she paints each one. She is married to a man who has begun running again, has five children each with their own extraordinary creativities, and has a modest number of close friends, all of whom she counts as her big family. She studied computers in college (which feels like a world away from now), she consults in design aesthetics, and she agrees with Wayne White that there are places and people so beautiful they hurt your feelings.