Tapestry: Tish Lacy Reed

Tapestry by Tish Lacy Reed

opening: June 7th 5-9 pm
June 7th - June 28th
artist talk: June 18th
Tap·es·try: Used in reference to an intricate or complex combination of things or sequence of events. Perhaps a tapestry of cultures, races, customs or even beliefs.

For this show my artistic process serves as an exploration of memory and materiality manifested through the intertwining disciplines of abstract painting and collage.

In each composition, I endeavor to bridge the ephemeral with the tangible utilizing the fluidity of abstract expressionism alongside the tactile reality of collage. My works are dialogues between form and fragmentation, where layers of paint intermingle with snippets of found materials, text, fragmented and altered photographs.

These elements are not merely placed but woven into the piece suggesting that every fragment is a relic of a moment, a piece of a larger narrative that captures the complexity of human experience.  My process begins with an intuitive discovery of these shapes that map out my content. Each added element is a deliberate pause, a moment of contemplation within the abstract itself. Allowing the viewers to delve into a multilayered visual story.

Within this visual story I encourage you to hold fragments of what once was, or to let them fade into abstraction. In this space of mixed media and collage works perhaps you will find an interconnectedness that creates a larger concept of synergy.

My hope for you is to spend a little time with my work and look deeply into the layers and feel the history and energy they evoke.

-Tish Lacy Reed

About the artist:

Colorado Springs based painter, Tish Lacy Reed, has lived and worked here off and on for over 30 years. Having explored many mediums over the years she has settled on a passion for the medium of oil/cold wax in the last few years. “It gives me the freedom to explore through an almost archeological process”. By pushing the boundaries and adding multiple layers that she literally creates and destroys the works evolve into a deeper story, Lately I have incorporated collage into my “oil/cold wax pieces creating a more visual story.

“I love the history and story that the pieces reveal with all of the layers I am able create.”

She has studied with numerous local artists which include Gwen Fox, Tom Owen and others. She attended the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaugn, Ireland, as well as TheTouch Drawing Institute on Widbey Island, Washington.

She currently has a studio at Cottonwood Center for the Arts and teaches there as well as other locations within the city and state.

She is married, to her husband Ray of 53 years, has two daughters,  four grandchildren, and a Golden retriever named Guinness sometimes known as Guinness the Menace. She loves living in Manitou Springs and for all of the outdoor activities it provides. She is also somewhat of a Zumba addict.

You may reach her through Surface Gallery, on her Facebook Page under Tish Lacy Reed or at Cottonwood Center for the Arts in studio #102.