SANCTUM: by Sallie Knox Hall

exhibit opens February 2, 2024, 5-9 pm

artist talk: February 13th, 5:30 pm

on display through February 23rd



As a result of my father’s untimely passing earlier this year, my current work explores the sacred spaces of both the creative process and the experience of nature intertwined with the symbolism of the deer. Vibrant hues and organic shapes converge to express both grief and celebration of a life well-lived, while the deer and antlers embody the ideas of resilience and spiritual connection. This exhibition is a tribute to my dad and to those that have left an enduring mark on our hearts.


Growing up in North Louisiana in the 70’s and 80’s, Sallie Knox grew up playing under the dogwood trees, fishing in the bayou and riding bikes on the trails next to the Ouachita River. As long as she could remember, she doodled, drew, and painted under the guidance of wonderful private and public-school teachers. She eventually attended TCU in Fort Worth, Texas and obtained a degree in art education. Sallie Knox taught for a bit, married her husband and eventually moved to the New Orleans area. They happily immersed themselves in local culture, surrounded by art and music, and started a family. Ever practical and inspired by her grandmother’s long career as a public health nurse, Sallie Knox enrolled in nursing school.

At 37, Sallie Knox received a cancer diagnosis. After surgeries and treatment, juggling school and toddlers became untenable so she reluctantly left the nursing program. As she re- evaluated her life’s purpose, she discovered the method of intuitive painting, which soothed her anxiety and aided the healing process. A well of newfound creative inspiration opened up within her and she began to see its unlimited potential. Soon friends began to commission her for paintings. As fate would have it, a piece in a home featured in the Times Picayune newspaper was the catalyst for the next chapter. She has spent the last ten plus years painting quirky, folk-y depictions of people and their pets, interests, and hobbies in vibrant acrylic colors.

In 2015, Sallie Knox and her family relocated to Manitou Springs. Her southern collector base and Colorado clients continue to keep her busy with family paintings. However, she rediscovered oil painting, which she compliments with cold wax and oil crayon. Working with these media, and using various tools to draw into the surface, has led her on countless new artistic journeys. Flowers, leaves, and abstract botanical shapes show up as emblems of life, gratitude, and deep love. She uses a process-driven approach, enjoying the adventure of wandering across the surface and following the brush into positive and negative spaces. She delights in exploring the unknown, creating new shapes and using every palette combination imaginable. Her collectors often comment that the vivid colors and enchanting imagery bring them joy and hope in these trying times. Sallie Knox believes that creativity is a profoundly endless resource and hopes to be eternally delighted by both its process and outcome.