Aatika Rehman

Aatikah Rehman

in the Sluice
Opening: July 6th 5-9pm
on display: July 6th-26th
Originally slated to be shown at Yobel, we are proud to present the work of Aatikah Rehman.

About the Exhibit:

My process is built on different stages, starting from scribbling words and sentences. Sometimes my daughters play along with me during this stage, drawing lines and shapes.  Then I move to mark making, with heavy body acrylic paint. I start painting with the acrylic colors that I am feeling energetically inclined to at the time. I keep rotating the canvas to find a nice and balanced composition. My abstracts contain many layers, each layer building depth and harmony among them. All of my work is intuitive, so when starting a canvas, I have no idea how it’s going to end up. And that excites me so much. Every blank canvas feels like an adventure, a playground but with no rules to follow. Really, who likes to play by the rules anyway? Not me!!!!

About the artist:

My name is Aatika Rehman & I am a modern abstract painter exploring the relationship between art and healing. My work is currently motivated by the energy I feel in vibrant and luscious pigments. I am exploring the dynamics of the effect that colors have on us on a daily basis. I believe that every color radiates energy which can be felt by the observer. I also think that how one views a piece of art depends on where they are on the journey of life. My goal is to create an emotional stimulation which is calming, healing & joyful. To bring it all together I want my art to bring excitement & curiosity in your life & to be in a home where there is love, laughter and happiness.