The Sluice

Surface is located in The Sluice.

Currently under construction, The Sluice hopes to open to the public fully in September of 2022.

What is the Sluice?

The Sluice is a creative community that empowers and inspires each other to dig deeper and find the nuggets of raw gold inside themselves. We are purveyors of good design and strive to raise the bar for art, architecture and design in Colorado Springs. We are passionate about supporting and providing resources to enhance the visibility and representation of the arts in our community. We create a gathering space for culture lovers and art supporters to connect with cultural events and experiences, We honor the history of our building as well as our westside neighbors and the broader community by providing a vibrant creative commerce center with quality goods, handcrafted food and beverages, and cultural events.

What will be at the Sluice?

  • And in 2023?  - possible restaurant space TBD